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Home Inspections

1. Comprehensive Home Inspections:
if you are buying a house and would like peace of mind and like to know the current condition  the house in we provide a Comprehensive Home Inspections with computerized compete reports that include the current conditions existing in each system and part in the house. This will give a better perspective about what kind of renovations and repairs need to be done if any.

2. Wind Mitigation Inspection
Wind Mitigation Inspection will save you money on your home insurance if your home is hurracane ready. We check and certify the roof tighs , windows and doors impact reatings and huracane impact rated shutters. 

3. Four Point Inspections
Four Point Inspections are inspections covering the roof, plumbing, electrical, & HVAC systems of the home for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies require a 4 point inspection report on homes over 25 years of age before writing a policy.

4. Mold and moisture intrusion inspections.
If you have an existing home and smell mold or see certain spots on walls we can help.
We can do partial Mold inspection which focus on certain area. We take air samples and physical swaps of any suspected spots and send it to laboratory analysis.
We also do a complete Mold Inspections to the entire house which will involve more samples and more laboratory analysis to areas of concern.


Project Management and construction Inspections

For new constructions, Renovations and Additions.

Project Management.
If you are building your new home let us take the headaches away from you.
We can obtain estimates from contractors in each field as necessary, Compare offers with recommendation. Manage contractors and arrange schedules between different contractors. Inspect contractors work during and after the work is done so we make sure all work done according to the best practices not according to the minimum required by the state. Fees will be based on an hourly billable.

Construction Inspections.
If you are managing the building of your new home. You need us to inspect the work done by each contractor before paying the last payment to make sure the work is done correctly. In some cases it is advisable for an inspector to visit the site during the work in progress to make sure best practices are being applied and come out at the end of the phase to make sure everything is done as it should. Inspecting every part of the project can save you thousands of dollars in modifications.  

Energy Audit

If you feel you are paying too much to cool or heat up your home there is a good chance you are. We use the latest technologies of thermal imaging in inspection and testing your home for energy leaks and vulnerabilities and  create a full report of weak areas with recommendations to correct the problem . 
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